The Lenten reflection I needed to read today: “Nothing but You, Lord” by Constance Hull

Map of the Soul: 7 is such a good album. It turned me, a once-unaffected bystander in KPop mania, into a BTS stan practically overnight.

Give it a listen on Spotify!

LMAO Glad there’s a WikiHow for this

Watching “I Am Michael” for the first time on Netflix and I am bawling my eyes out and can’t really understand why

It’s a well-made film, for sure, and I now have the profoundest respect for Michael Glatze

This colleague I’ve been crushing on for a while now has been texting me pretty regularly about work stuff, and I wish I could steer the convo to something else entirely but I just can’t find the right segue 😔

So the swirls on my coffee are pretty~

You know how some days feel blessed? Not only because things go your way, like everything not in your control syncs like clockwork. Like, after hearing Mass on your father’s birthday, there is a truly palpable grace, peace.

Today is one of those days. How wonderful to have lived it.

I’m looking at this gorgeous fanart of the ever-expanding BatFam in various timelines and multiverses, and for someone whom I’ve always pictured as being a lonely soul, Bruce Wayne sure keeps on adopting people like they were kittens :3

Dear online sellers:

Please try not to be the idiots who have no skill in answering our inquiries about the products you’re selling, with responses that make us look like we’re the ones who lack understanding.

Your Frustrated Paying Customers

Got started on “The Masked Singer” on Hulu and got hooked… Like, even though I know I can stream it anytime, I stayed glued in front of the TV instead of doing my Christmas shopping