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Map of the Soul: 7 is such a good album. It turned me, a once-unaffected bystander in KPop mania, into a BTS stan practically overnight.

Give it a listen on Spotify!

Watching “I Am Michael” for the first time on Netflix and I am bawling my eyes out and can’t really understand why

It’s a well-made film, for sure, and I now have the profoundest respect for Michael Glatze

I’m looking at this gorgeous fanart of the ever-expanding BatFam in various timelines and multiverses, and for someone whom I’ve always pictured as being a lonely soul, Bruce Wayne sure keeps on adopting people like they were kittens :3

Got started on “The Masked Singer” on Hulu and got hooked… Like, even though I know I can stream it anytime, I stayed glued in front of the TV instead of doing my Christmas shopping

Hey, now:

Quote from "Elementary" S7E8 (2019) | Designed with Adobe Spark
Quote from @Elementary_CBS | Designed with @AdobeSpark

Apparently, a thing #RetroCon #MNL


Paul Rudd’s new show on Netflix, Living with Myself, is a brilliant take on the doppelganger literary trope with a little spec-fic dark humor flavor that is a commentary on contemporary social ills and I’m two episodes in but I can tell this whole thing is going to be sooo good

I’m facepalming as I’m reading the comments here because so many people DID NOT GET THE ENDING, considering it was based on the very last chapter of the Yu Yu Hakusho manga, and adapted quite faithfully 🤦

I mean—it’s been 25 years since the last volume of the manga was released, and it’s a wonder how people who call themselves fans don’t understand it

Read the damn manga, people

Rewatching the first two seasons of Inu Yasha on NetflixPH and while Sango has always been my favorite girl I now have a newfound appreciation for Kagome