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Got started on “The Masked Singer” on Hulu and got hooked… Like, even though I know I can stream it anytime, I stayed glued in front of the TV instead of doing my Christmas shopping

Hey, now:

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Paul Rudd’s new show on Netflix, Living with Myself, is a brilliant take on the doppelganger literary trope with a little spec-fic dark humor flavor that is a commentary on contemporary social ills and I’m two episodes in but I can tell this whole thing is going to be sooo good

Conan O’Brien makes me so happy

Jeff B. Davis is so damn fine

(And it’s obvious I’ve been watching too much Whose Line)

Been watching this for days, and it does not get old.

These improv guys are the best 💯✨

Rewatching The Big Bang Theory on NetflixPH and some days I find myself wishing Sheldon’s “Fun with Flags” show is really on YouTube 🙃