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So the swirls on my coffee are pretty~

Wasn’t expecting Cowhead Premium Chocolate Flavored Milk to taste so good 👌🏻Also this post isn’t sponsored lol

The coffee looks really pretty, but I especially asked for decaf and yet somehow I am still wide awake at three in the fkn morning 😳😳😳

These actually look better than most of the meals I cook at home

A rare quiet Sunday brunch.


Didn’t want eat out for dinner so I ordered in via Grab Food, and decided to try Get Greens in Banawe. Their food was really good! I ordered the Provencale salad, the Green Pesto pasta, and the Tropicali smoothie—and everything was under Php500. What an affordable way to eat healthy! Also despite how I sound, this is actually an unsponsored post lol